---> RAIDING <--- All you need to know!

---> RAIDING <--- All you need to know!

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Raiding, everything you need to know

Raid nights
There will be 3 raid nights each week. Each raid has its purpose and rules, so come and be prepared! Now we have clarity on which members can be available for what nights. Read the raid note when signing up becase we post a month worth of raids at a time. So the following evenings will be;

Be ready for 21.00* server time. Mythic raids and reserves are expected to sign up. These raids will be preffed a week in advance. SO SIGN UP EARLY

With the occasion previous patch mythic run
This is now the guild raid night. With some core raid team members unable to raid on this night. Thursday is no longer a Mythic night. These raid nights, all are welcome however, be heroic item level ready! please do not come expecting to slack. Some old raid Mythic runs will take place, example Trails of Valor. This is to keep Thursdays fresh for everyone. In addition to this I will allow alts to come if they are item level appropriate but as the evening gets on and bosses become harder I may be asking you to log back onto your main.

--->Aiming to be MYTHIC<---
Sign up for mythic
Sundays we will be aiming to be mythic, when core members become available for Sunday evenings. Otherwise read the notes for each sunday raid to see what I am planning to do. Raids are posted a month in advance so read the note and sign up![/i]

Here is the link to the page you can sign up on raids: http://www.hiddencircle.net/raids2/

Raid Rules
- Be on time and be prepared. I do not want people making pots and flasks in raid time, this holds up 18+ other people up and its not fair on them to be waiting on you!
-Mythic, 375 Food, Flask, Potions (Your best)
-Heroic, 375 Food, Flask, Potions (Prolonged power)
-Normal, 300 Food, Flask

- Mythic Progression Nights I expect everyone to be prepared and in the zone! Progression is hard and it is desired by many. So make sure you have read up on tactics and are well practiced with your class spec! Making yourself better prepared increases the chance of the raid succeeding and I expect everyone to be doing this.
- Be in the right mindset. Leave your problems at the door, its raid night, we all share the same goal.

Raiding Recruitment
Simply speak to an officer in guild. In addition to this we are full on Tanks for sure!

Raiding Fatigue
If you are feeling like you do not want to raid anymore, unable to make certain raids or simply not enjoying the game.
Please speak to an officer.
There is no shame in not wanting to raid, or wanting to move guilds. I simply ask of you that you let us know with enough time so we can build a guild member up to replace you so this does not disrupt everyone else's playing time.
We want to resolve any issues so speak to; Myself (illipix), Grognot, Solarithia, Matatta or Tacchi

Kind Regards,
illipix the Northern RL =]
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